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The club shall provide an environment for the improvement of playing standards, which includes football skills, game awareness and sportsmanship.


Coaching staff will achieve this by attending various football coaching courses/seminars either organised by the club or independently arranged.


Players must have the opportunity of improving their playing standards and achieving football recognition in terms of skill, game awareness and sportsmanship.


The club will encourage the promotion of players and staff to achieve better standards of play, and the opportunity of managing and playing in the highest leagues.


The club’s ambition is to, encourage and promote skill and continually strive to the highest standards to be best.  Most importantly it must be fun.

To ensure that a quality service is provided to all who need it by recognising that people have different needs that may require different treatment. To ensure that no volunteer or participant receives less favourable treatment or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements, this cannot be seen to be justified. To comply with the Sex Discrimination and Race Relations Acts which prohibit both direct and indirect discrimination. 


  • Practice an equal opportunities policy and opens its membership to any organisation or person who support our aim and objectives.

  • Seeks to promote equal opportunities and is actively committed to ensuring that no person within its involvement suffers discrimination because of disability, race, sex, colour, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, marital status, ethnic and or national origin.

  • Will monitor and regularly review its practice and procedures to ensure that individuals are promoted and treated on the basis of their relevant merit and abilities.

To develop a positive and pro-active position in order to best protect all minors who play football for Deanshanger Athletic, enabling them to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment. To deliver quality assured child protection and provide a strong tutor network within the club in conjunction with support by NSPCC and the Football Association. 


  • Coaching staffs are required to attend the Football Association Safeguarding Children                        

  • The child welfare is, and must always be, the paramount consideration.

  • All children and young people have a right to be protected from abuse regardless of their age, gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual identity.

  • All suspicious and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

  • Introduce a system where children can talk to an independent person outside the club.

  • This person must be given clear written guidelines about the incident and what action should be taken if abuse is discovered.

  • Apply agreed procedures for protecting children to all managers/coaches.

  • This will include:

              - Ensuring all managers/coaches have clear roles and responsibilities

              - The issuing of guidelines about action to be taken if abuse is disclosed or suspected

DAFC Constitution

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